Wildland Team

The Frederick County Wildland Team is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals that are available to respond to incidents that involve brush, field, woods and other wildland types calls. The Team which is based out of the Middletown Volunteer Fire Company #7, is available and can be dispatched to local (in County) and to other jurisdictions (out of County) by going through your local ECC (Emergency Communications Centers) via the mutual aide response channel.

The FC Wildland Team has an array of normal wildland equipment as well as some specialized equipment that can placed in service at a moments notice. This equipment is carried on a trailer owned by the MVFC, and is pulled by a Utility vehicle that will also carry personnel to the scene. Along with personnel from Station 7, personnel from Washington County Station 8 are also automatically dispatched when the Wildland Team is alerted to incidents. This insures that the proper number of personnel respond to your emergency. In addition, personnel from the Frederick County Department of Fire and Rescue (DFRS) can also be utilized to assist with team response. DFRS Personnel from Station 7 as well as personnel from Station 8 (Myersville) are trained at Wildland Firefighting and can assist as needed.

The core group (Management Team) of the FC Wildland Team is comprised of four individuals who have numerous years of experience in this field. When called to assist, these individuals will report to your Command Post to obtain pertinent information and assist in coordinating the Wildland Team to it’s objective.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the FC Wildland Team, please contact one of the team members at Jason.Loveless@middletownvfd.org

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